“ A clear Jazz/Pop voice that really moves you “

Carlah stands for Carla Hoogewijs, singer-songwriter/actress.

More than anything else and as long as I remember, I always regarded myself as a singer. That is how I stepped into the world to become part of it. Singing and writing about life, gives  meaning to my own. It feels like a direct communication line to other people. (Carlah july 2014)

At the age of 14 , Carlah started to perform solo , playing a personal repertoire in clubs around her neighbourhood.

At the age of 23 she went to study drama at the Conservatory of Gent. Being on stage, for  many years, she made her voice heard in various ways.

Along the way, she worked very intensely with all kinds of  great artists  .

Now she wanted to share some of her personal work with the world.

Thierry Plas, the producer, known for many projects and bands created a very personal soundscape around them.

 All of this you can hear ‘In my dreams’.